The Atlas of the Saharan and Arabian Oases on the website is the property of LabOasis Foundation.

  1. The data will be updated periodically with the integrations and suggestions that are received, according to the date of their publication;
  2. The Atlas was created by LabOasis Foundation with the technical support of Gismap, and in collaboration with national institutions and specialists in the countries involved in the project. Given the qualitative and quantitative heterogeneity of the collected data, the project managers have made every effort to ensure accurate collection, localization, translation and elaboration. However, despite these efforts, they are not responsible for any errors or omissions;
  3. Therefore, we invite all organizations, institutions and individuals who are interested, to contribute new content to the Atlas of Saharan and Arabian Oases and thus, the website. For any suggestions or questions, to report a shortcoming, omission or error, or if you wish to have information regarding a source or utilized methodologies, please send an email to:;
  4. The information published on this website is available for non-commercial and non-profit use within the realm of university and institutional research, and civil society, with the aim of building an open and shared tool for knowledge of the Saharan and Arabian Oases;

For this reason, we ask all those who wish to use this data to:

  1. notify in advance by sending an email to with the title, text and relative publication information, indicating how the data taken from the Atlas of Saharan and Arabian Oases on the website wold be used;
  2. once obtained the authorization, always quote the source of utilized data in the following way:
    Source: “Atlas of the Saharan and Arabian Oases, LabOasis Foundation,