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Name KSU – King Saud University
Type Institution
Where Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

KSU aims to disseminate and promote knowledge in Saudi Arabia, widening its base of scientific and literary expertise, maintaining a competitive edge with other nations in the fields of Arts and Sciences, and contributing to discovery and invention. In addition, KSU strives to contribute to the revival of academic and scientific excellence of Islamic civilization and the articulation of its benefits and glories.


Its mission is to be a world class university and a leader in building the knowledge society and to provide distinctive education, produce creative research, serve society and contribute in building the knowledge economy and community through learning, creative thinking environment, the optimal use of technology and effective international partnership.


+966 1 4670888


P. O. BOX 2454,
Riyadh 11451
Saudi Arabia

Year 2013
Nation Yemen
Category Agriculture, Landscape, Biodiversity Cultural Heritage
Target national
Title Lithostratigraphy, deformation history and tectonic evolution of the basement rocks …
Year 2010
Nation Saudi Arabia
Category Water Resources
Target local
Title Geophysical characteristics of Wadi Hanifah water system