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Name ICARDA – International Center fo Agricultural Research in Dry Areas
Type Research Center
Where Beirut, LEBANON

Established in 1977 works with a tight focus on the problem-solving needs of resource-poor farmers, achieving this through the in-field delivery of its research outputs. 


Water harvesting - supple-mental irrigation and water-saving irrigation techniques(,Geospatial Science Technology Application for integrated agro-systems Research, towards ensuring food and environmental security for better livelihoods in Dry Areas(
• Conservation agricul-ture methods to reduce pro-duction costs and improve sustainability
• Diversification of produc-tion systems to high-value crops – horticulture, herbal and medicinal plants
• Integrated crop/rangeland/livestock production sys-tems including non-traditional sources of lives-tock feed
• Empowerment of rural women – support and training for value-added products.

Partners CGIAR Consortium

00961 1 843472/813303

Other contact

Fax + 961 1 804071/01-843473


Dalia Building 2nd Floor, Bashir El Kassar Street, Verdun 1108-2010 Beirut - Lebanon

Year 2013 - 2018
Category Agriculture, Landscape, Biodiversity Water Resources
Target global
Title Research Program on Dryland Systems
Year 2004 - Ongoing
Category Agriculture, Landscape, Biodiversity Local Enterprises, Tourism
Target global
Title Development of sustainable production systems for the date palm in …
Year 2015
Nation Tunisia
Category Agriculture, Landscape, Biodiversity Water Resources
Target national
Title Reviewing Soil and Water Conservation Research in Tunisia
Year 2014
Category Agriculture, Landscape, Biodiversity Media Water Resources
Target global
Title VIDEO – Program Dryland Systems. The Last Wall Against Desertification
Year 2003
Category Environmental Pollution Water Resources
Target global
Title Vulnerabilité des pays du Maghreb face aux changements climatiques